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  1. Minister Barr: ACT’s Pathway Forward
  2. Minister Barr: 30,000 extra appointments to get more Canberrans vaccinated faster
  3. Minister Barr: AstraZeneca interval reduced to 4-8 weeks due to increased risk during Delta outbreak
  4. Minister Barr: Priority vaccinations for year 12 students and education staff
  5. Minister Barr: Supporting tenants and landlords affected by ACT lockdown
  6. Minister Barr: COVID-19 vaccine bookings open for 16-29 year old Canberrans
  7. Minister Barr: Increased support for ACT businesses impacted by COVID-19
  8. Minister Barr: ACT Lockdown extended
  9. Minister Barr: AIS Arena to speed up ACT vaccine program
  10. Minister Barr: Business Support Grants now open
  11. Minister Barr: Vaccine registration open for 16 to 29-year-olds
  12. Minister Barr: Further support for Canberrans in need during the lockdown
  13. Minister Barr: Residential tenants and landlords encouraged to work together this lockdown
  14. Minister Barr: Extended support for ACT businesses impacted by COVID-19
  15. Minister Barr: ACT lockdown arrangements
  16. Minister Barr: Free food and essential items for Canberrans in need during lockdown
  17. Minister Barr: Support for ACT businesses impacted by COVID-19
  18. Minister Barr: COVID-19 Statement: ACT to enter seven day lockdown
  19. Minister Barr: Sound stage and virtual studio to bring more screen productions to Canberra
  20. Minister Barr: ACT Budget: Restoration continues for historic Sydney and Melbourne buildings
  21. Minister Barr: Refreshed local shops, playgrounds and new dog parks across Canberra
  22. Minister Barr: COVID-19 vaccine bookings now available for 30-39 Canberrans
  23. Minister Barr: Work to begin on expanding COVID vaccine eligibility
  24. Minister Barr: ACT Government financial support for local tourism industry
  25. Minister Barr: Celebrate the businesses taking Canberra to the world
  26. Minister Barr: Check In CBR to expand to retail and transport
  27. Minister Barr: Stamp duty fully abolished on off-the-plan apartment and townhouse purchases up to $500,000
  28. Minister Barr: Continuing funding for ACT community sector
  29. Minister Barr: Mandatory face masks to support ACT COVID measures
  30. Minister Barr: New mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic for ACT
  31. Minister Barr: Sustainable Household Scheme underway: guidelines released and first group of applicants to proceed
  32. Minister Barr: Update: AstraZeneca vaccine
  33. Minister Barr: Significant interest in Big Canberra Battery
  34. Minister Barr: Jetstar flights a further boost to ACT Economy
  35. Minister Barr: Floriade returns for 2021
  36. Minister Barr: Direct financial support for households that need it most
  37. Minister Barr: More Canberrans eligible for COVID-19 vaccine
  38. Minister Barr: Two years of free registration for zero emissions vehicles
  39. Minister Barr: Tourism industry shows signs of bounce back
  40. Minister Barr: ACT Landlords encouraged to consider scheme to increase affordable rental properties
  41. Minister Barr: Floriade coming back to the suburbs
  42. Minister Barr: Legislation to give energy consumers a better deal
  43. Minister Barr: Big Canberra Battery market sounding now open
  44. Minister Barr: Statement: National Cabinet
  45. Minister Barr: Canberra Citizens of the Year recognised for public health response
  46. Minister Barr: ACT retains AAA credit rating
  47. Minister Barr: More support for tourism businesses
  48. Minister Barr: Second-hand Electric Vehicles amp; charging infrastructure added to Government sustainability scheme
  49. Minister Barr: ACT Government calls for ongoing commitment to raise the rate
  50. Minister Barr: ACT prepared for arrival of first vaccine

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