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A design project's workflow is outlined in a document known as a design brief. It will probably contain a lot of the same information as the work proposal, but it will go into further detail for a client who has chosen to hire you.

The design brief serves as a foundation for finishing designs, informing team members about project specifics, and keeping them concentrated on project deliverables. You may successfully discuss and organise your ideas by understanding how to produce a design brief.

This post will outline the benefits of learning how to write a design brief, how to build one, as well as some helpful hints, a sample, and an example (design brief example). So, if you want to learn everything, make sure to read all the way through.

The context and scope of your project should be described in your design brief. Set objectives and expectations for the finished project. Describe the limitations, such as the funds, resources, and time restraints.

How to write and design a design brief

  • You can begin by including the project title and document author in the header. A design team could, for instance, produce a design brief. This information may also be displayed on the top page. You can later use the date to refer back to the document if you include it. Depending on the assignment, we can offer a firm profile that showcases your successes, areas of specialisation, and background. To be used for all branded design requirements, establish a fundamental style.

  • Any expenses that potentially require budget adjustments should be noted. List the dates of important accomplishments and milestones.

  • You can better concentrate on your project if you have a detailed description of its components. Think about stating why you decided to start the project. You may design an interface to enhance your product development or create a logo to help you establish your brand.

  • Next, decide who your design project can help or benefit. Identifying demographic data is necessary to drive your design decisions and help you understand your target audience. For instance, if children are your target market, you can design using cartoon characters and vivid colours. If he is developing an application, he can make the design look more professional.

  • Use plain language, stay away from design speak, or really think about what you're trying to accomplish. The client should be informed of the outcome, not the process. Making a deadline for finishing your design job is also crucial. You can thus more effectively plan when to complete each design goal. Considering latency aids in predicting delays. The gap between tasks with dependencies is known as lag time.

Design Brief Templates

As a starting point, you can develop your own design briefing template or download one from the Design Marketplace (further customization if needed).

Project Brief:

Simple formatting templates for use in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.

Project and Design Scribbles:

You can enter prompts to lead you through your project in this thorough template.

One-Page Logo Design Brief:

This version of our simple logo idea is more visually appealing.


The difficulty of developing a design brief typically exceeds the designer's normal degree of comfort and proficiency. However, the advice in this post ought to be helpful.

Wish to create a compelling design brief for your business, but lack the time or confidence to do so on your own? Enlist the services of an experienced Sunshine Coast website design company who also specialises in graphic design.

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