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There are several ways to convert a PDF file to an Excel file. One way involves using desktop-based PDF software. These programs offer several advanced features. For example, they allow you to define specific page ranges and table sets, add or delete a row and column lines, and preview the final output. They can also help you add new tables and find similar ones.

Adobe Acrobat DC

One of the benefits of Adobe Acrobat DC is its ability to convert PDF files to Excel format. When a user has a PDF file, they can open it in the application, select the "Add Files" button, and select a folder to save the output Excel file. The Excel file will now be populated with the data found in the PDF file.
A PDF is a portable document format that can relay text, images, and multidimensional objects. PDFs do not require editing before printing or sharing, unlike other file formats. Fortunately, most computers come with Adobe Reader or another file reading application, which makes converting PDFs to Excel a cinch. While converting PDF to Excel is a one-time process, you may want to use another program for the conversion.

You can also choose to convert PDF files to other formats, like Word, Excel, or PPT. Professional PDF conversions guarantee consistency of formatting, accuracy, and document security. You can even choose to convert PDF files to images with this program if needed. In either case, you can be assured that the converted files will be protected against unauthorized use.

Acrobat DC provides collaborative features, including cloud integration, for seamless sharing and storing. In addition, this tool provides numerous support options and is easy to use. Users can even use the help and troubleshooting options available on Adobe's website. Despite the lack of innovation in Acrobat DC, the brand's familiarity and support make it worth the investment.

Although Excel is a good tool for simple PDF conversions, it is not a good solution for more complex conversions. For more complex PDF conversions, consider using Power Query. Power Query is a good addition to Excel and a better option for anyone familiar with Excel.

You can also use Word Online to convert PDF files to Word documents. The first step involves opening the PDF file in Protected View. The next step is to enable editing. After clicking the Edit button, you will see a screen like the one below. You can highlight text in the document and copy it using a keyboard shortcut.

Using a desktop-based PDF program to convert PDFs to Excel

Some people don't have access to online services, such as OneDrive or Word Online, to convert PDFs to Excel. These people might find that using a desktop-based PDF program to convert these files is their only option. A desktop-based PDF program can save them time and money.

Some desktop-based PDF programs will allow you to save your custom settings for PDF to Excel conversion. It is particularly useful if your documents have consistent formatting. You can simply load up the conversion template and extract the data in minutes.

A desktop-based PDF program can convert PDFs to Excel without losing any formatting. Many of these programs can process multiple files or extract specific information from each one. Many even include a feature to edit PDF documents directly. Some even allow you to add electronic signatures to them.

One desktop-based PDF program offers free trials of their basic version for two hours. These tools allow users to convert up to two PDFs a month. These programs can handle files up to 100MB and are inexpensive for frequent users. They don't have automation workflows or built-in features, but they can handle large files and are great for occasional use.

Another feature is exporting just the pages you need from a PDF document. It can be as simple as selecting a specific page range and clicking the "Export to Excel" button. Once the process is complete, you'll be able to see the converted Excel document in the appropriate place on your computer.

A desktop-based PDF program capable of converting PDFs to Excel can do all of these tasks easily. WorkinTool is one such tool. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and can be used on both Windows and Mac. You can use it to convert scanned PDFs to Excel and read and combine PDF files. It can also compress a PDF without sacrificing quality.

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