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Modern ways of dating the opposite sex are very diverse, but the fear of the first meeting is inherent in many, regardless of who you invited to it. This is due to the fear of making a not entirely favorable impression, unwillingness to seem boring, or getting rejected to continue the relationship. Awkward pauses and inappropriate jokes can be avoided by following a few simple communication principles. This will help you demonstrate self-confidence and interest in further relationships. 

Whether it’s longtime girlfriends, attractive waitresses from cafes, or hot Ukrainian girls https://romancecompass.com/dating/ukrainian-brides/, they expect you to be natural and easy the first time you meet them. It’s worth remembering that you can create a first impression only once, there won’t be a second chance. There can be many topics for conversation on a first date – from common interests or discussion of highlights. Arm yourself with a few win-win ideas and talk about: 

  • - the secret talents that you don’t show in everyday life – your companion may be equally interested in your ability to juggle torches or sing arias;
  • - childhood fears, because everyone has had them, and they can open you up to a completely unexpected side;
  • - unusual culinary preferences, as few people agree to discuss them openly;
  • - the most striking or failed events, as such memories can convey unique emotions and bring you closer together. 

Whatever the topic of conversation, it’s important to make sure that it resonates in the heart of a beautiful Slavic woman. Then you’re sure to find common ground and can hope to develop a relationship. 

How to organize a relaxed communication 

You won’t need any special knowledge if you are dating a Ukrainian woman because beautiful Slavic models are distinguished by sociability, cheerful disposition, and a broad outlook. Having a rich inner world, girls will be able to keep up the conversation on almost any topic. To overcome the stiffness of the first meeting, choose a familiar place, a cozy atmosphere, and a familiar cuisine. Even if you have an extreme hobby, you should not focus on it from the first days of acquaintance. 

Try not to resort to physical contact at the first meeting, because Slavic women appreciate personal space. Being relaxed but not cheeky is a real art, which is quite realistic to master. 

A good indicator of a successful first meet will be a prior correspondence with the object of sympathy. Both parties can learn interesting facts from it and overcome the awkwardness of the initial moment. 

What you shouldn’t talk about 

When communicating with a sexy Slavic woman, men get only pleasure as Ukrainians sincerely penetrate the interlocutor, show empathy and ask tactful questions. Benevolence and attractiveness are the prominent features of Slavic women, that is why it’s so easy for men to open up and be themselves. Though every culture has its values and taboos, which are not accepted to discuss in public, concerning Ukrainian girls the list is rather modest.

You should avoid discussing with them: 

  • - previous partners and reasons for breakups;
  • - your achievements and victories;
  • - men’s topics;
  • - flashed feelings for the interlocutor.  

These and similar questions can be left for future meetings, when you want to know each other better.

What to do so that after the first date there would be a second one?  

Excitement, fears, and language barriers can play against your relationship because not everyone can handle themselves. Nonverbal signs can help to correctly interpret the impression made and assess the chances of continuing the relationship. An open posture, interested glances, clarifying questions and natural reactions to jokes indicate sympathy from a companion. But the one-word answers, reticence, and stiffness may be a manifestation of embarrassment and not only indifference. Don’t be categorical about the imperfect meeting, because after the first one there will be others – more coherent and harmonious.

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