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Not sleeping properly can disturb your mood, ruin the quality of your skin and cause headaches. Not only that, it can also be the reason for your restlessness and anxiety during the day. However, if you’re feeling well and know that you’re healthy, you are probably just too overwhelmed or a bit stressed out. Still, there are a few things you could do in order to get a good night’s sleep. Check out our 6 tips below to see what you can do to ensure that you get high-quality sleep each and every night.

Clean Environment

Before you go to sleep, take a shower and try to relax. Your body and mind have to be in unison so you could be completely relaxed. Clean sheets and pillowcases can soothe your mind and help you destress after a long, hard day. Being surrounded by the scent of cleanliness can evoke pleasant emotions that can put you to sleep faster. Use a bamboo weighted blanket for anxiety since it releases serotonin, cools down your body and gives you a sense of calmness when you’re wrapped up in it. With the aid of body pressure therapy, your body is cool and calm during your sleep.


If you’re experiencing back pain or headaches, it might be due to the position of your neck, or an old mattress that doesn’t provide support to your spine and neck. Bed foundations give your mattress the support it needs for sleeping. By replacing your old bed foundation with a new one, you can transform your sleepless nights into perfectly cozy nights for sleeping like a log. A proper bed foundation lifts your mattress from the ground and allows for a natural height of the bed.


Breathing techniques can contribute immensely to preparing your body for going to bed. It helps your muscles relax and calms down your running mind. When you’re stressed out, breathing can trick your brain into believing that it is ready to doze off. Exhaling and inhaling in rhythm can be similar to meditation, and allow your body to loosen up before bedtime.

Cut Down on Screen Time

It might be a good idea to spend less time staring at your phone, especially if you get nervous while looking at social media. These unpleasant situations right before bed can disturb your peace and make you a bundle of nerves. Not to mention, your eyes can get strained if you’re exposed to your phone light too much.

Avoid Napping

Waking up in the middle of the night can get even worse if you take naps during the day. For a healthy adult, excessive sleeping might be a sign of depression. Instead of making up for the sleep you lost throughout the night, try to be as active as possible and go to bed earlier. This way, you tire out your entire body, and the chances of falling asleep faster are pretty high. Napping can prolong the time before getting sleepy, since your body doesn’t actually need that amount of rest.

Say No to Caffeine

Last but not least, refrain yourself from too much coffee or energy drinks. They both contain a high percentage of caffeine, which is known for keeping the body awake. It is a stimulant that most people use when they need to stay up late. However, in your case staying alert and on your toes is exactly what you need to avoid. So, longer sleep time means no coffee or similar adrenaline stimulants before bed.

Falling asleep instantly might sound impossible from your perspective, but with the help of our tips, it could all change in a matter of seconds. Sleeping regularly can improve your mental and physical health. Try not to ruin your sleeping routine and stick to your sleeping schedule. How do you manage to fall asleep fast and wake up energized? Tell us all about your experience in the comment section below!

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